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With experience in acting, producing, directing, dramaturgy and teaching, Eleni has helped many young performers grow as artists, develop their instrument and fine tune their technique for camera and stage.

Eleni regularly teaches a variety of acting courses for NIDA Open, including their drama school programs for young people, ongoing weekly term drama classes for various ages, acting for screen classes, mini musical programs and improvisation workshops. Other institutions she has taught for include the Australian Institute for Performing Arts, Dancerama and Central West Performing Arts.

Eleni works with all ages and levels of experience - from young children through to working professionals. She is committed to helping actors grow, have the joy and freedom to create, challenge and work their craft, and achieve their absolute best.


Audition Preparation

Self Taping

Acting for Camera

Acting for Stage

Script Analysis & Breakdown

Monologue Technique

Performing Shakespeare

"I always have such a great time working with Eleni, she brings so much joy and excitement with her that alleviates all pressure and makes it easy to do honest, light and fun work. She has an amazing eye for specificity, a passion for language and an energy that is infectious. She has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and will work tirelessly to see someone else succeed. I worked with her recently on an audition tape and it wasn’t until later that I recognised just how much work she had put in. Her kindness and ingenuity make her an amazing actor, director, teacher and coach. I truly appreciate her absolute dedication to doing whatever she can to bring the best out of me and my work. Eleni is a true pleasure to work with and to know." - Damien Carr, Actor




"It would be difficult to rival the drive and dedication Eleni shows in her work as an artist and a mentor. Her passion for what she does is grounded in hard work, in research and curiosity, which she delivers with infectious enthusiasm. Eleni is one of the rare people who will promise to go the extra mile, and really go there. Her love of language is evident in her passion for deciphering and delivering compelling Shakespeare texts, but what’s more is her steadfastness to see other’s make their own breakthroughs. Eleni has never drifted from her love of acting and performing, and if she is not physically on stage/screen, she is willingly offering her time and valuable insight to others." - Camille Chorley, Actor


If you are interested in private coaching or would like to make any enquiries, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Use the form on this site or send an email to eleni.cassimatis@hotmail.com

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